A line of outdoor products featuring what Grattoni considers to be the most interesting and original designs around.

The select range of sofas, lounge sets, armchairs and sun loungers is stylish and sophisticated. Great attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure that they are long lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions.

With IDOL, Grattoni is taking its selection process to another level. It is not content to keep up with the latest trends: through in-depth research into society and the market, Grattoni aims to be one step ahead and set new trends by presenting a line of products with refined but bold characters.

Ideally, when you are relaxing your mind should carry you away to sunny beaches and natural paradises. Leon brings the golden hues of sand to life in a collection of comfortable seats with soft weaves and innovative designs. It takes comfort and aesthetic appeal to breathtaking heights.

The secret to elegance is simplicity. This concept is at the heart of the Cannes seats: the understated, linear structures are steeped in timeless appeal, while the thick, precise weave detailing on the seats adds a distinctive touch.

Slender lines and geometric shapes give concrete form to this product’s bold character. Nizza’s refined qualities are encapsulated by the all-black elegance of the padding arrangements, which are given a delicate twist by the warm hues of the structure.

The main focus of the refined, sophisticated Sofia range is the pursuit of beauty. The constant contrasts in the enticing, winding lines help to create wonderfully harmonious compositions.

The seats in the French Riviera line have different designs but they convey the same concept: lightness. The ropes covering the backrests and armrests almost seem to be striving to break free from the structure. They appear to be pulling upwards, giving the ensemble an ethereal touch.

Original, ergonomic lines reveal the Cuba range’s drive for modernity, while the woven rope patterns evoke tribal images. This mingling of two worlds reflects the nature of the island that gave the selection its name.

Different forms are united by a soft, broad net that supports the body and makes an extremely comfortable seat. The simple pattern is reminiscent of woven hammocks hanging from Spanish palm trees.

Modernity is the watchword. The fashionable style of Reef modular lounge sets means that they can slot perfectly into any surroundings, no matter how smart or casual they may be. Thanks to the corner and linear compositions, the line fits into any setting.

The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurred by Harbor. The upholstery arrangements call to mind the welcoming, domestic style of family living rooms. Bask in the sun and enjoy the comforts of home thanks to the substantial forms and sizeable volumes.

Stiff and soft, slender and substantial, but always minimal. The playful variations in the volumes and widths of the Seaside collection help to create truly original and comfortable outdoor solutions. Bask in the sun and the designer appeal that the flawless selection offers.

Breeze breathes life into harmoniously flowing curves, like the ripples of waves in the wind. The unique compact yet voluminous structure seems to be in perpetual motion, creating a great sense of dynamism in the ensemble with the most pieces.

On the quest for originality, it often proves necessary to go back to basics: perfect combinations of just a few pieces can bring to life the most interesting creations. Islands proves this with pragmatic, functional and bright compositions.

The very essence of ease seems to be embodied by Antigua. Soft, sizeable padding provides the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the privacy behind the cascading curtains.